Murut Language Pilot Project

Murut Language in Selected School in Tenom District Pilot Project

(2011 - 2013)

Pilot project Murut Language Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools Pilot Selected Tenom District is a project organized in collaboration with the KLF-SVK Vapaakirkko Suomen (Finnish) and Murut Language Development Center. The project was carried out from 2011 and finished this year (2013).

The purpose of this project was to be a platform for the Murut language teaching in primary schools in Sabah in the Murut language speakers. Long-term goal of this project will be to strengthen the position of the Murut language in Malaysian society through formal education at school. The objectives of this project are:

  1. Creating Murut language curriculum.
  2. Provide teaching materials and dictionaries for Tier 1 school to primary school.
  3. Provide training to school teachers in the teaching of Murut.